Online Course




Do you feel like you take people’s problems and energy on yourself?

Do you often feel overwhelmed, tired and confused?

Do you often experience sudden sadness, anxiety or negative thoughts without a specific reason?


This short course for a woman who wants to have better energetic boundaries and stop taking other people’s and situation’s energy. 


This is for a woman who wants to feel more confident and aligned with her vision for life.

What to Expect During This Online Course


  • Why is it important to protect yourself energetically.
  • How to protect yourself energetically.
  • How to change relationship with fears and how to overcome it.



By signing up, you will get instant access to this short course. 


What is included:

  • 2.5hr video with the teaching
  • Guided meditation with clearing
  • Inner Journey for Empowerment
  • Recorded Video on how to help yourself with fears and anxiety
  • PDF with a declaration that helps you to stay in your alignment

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