Transform Your Life By Eliminating Your Limiting Beliefs​

    Training will take place over the Zoom


    4x Saturdays, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th of May,

    From: 12pm to 3pm EST / 6pm to 9pm CET


     PRICE: $370 or 2x $220

    Harnessing your psychic abilities relies upon the smooth and unhindered flow of your divine energy through your body.​


    Do you find yourself making the same mistakes in life over and over again?


    Do you keep sabotaging your health, your wealth, your success or your happiness for no apparent reason?


    If you do, believe me you’re in good company.  Everybody exhibits self-sabotaging behaviour to some extent or another and the good news is that I can teach you how to stop.


    Before I leaned how to transform my limiting beliefs and the root cause of my self-sabotaging behaviour, I could never quite achieve the success I desired or find the partner I truly deserved.  I was forever messing things up by making bad decisions, going against my intuition or worse, not taking action at all, often for no tangible reason that I could understand.  


    I now know that it was my hard wired unconscious beliefs about myself that were limiting my potential and causing my seemingly irrational and destructive behaviour.  When I learned how to identify my negative limiting beliefs about myself and transform them into positive and empowering ones, my life took a whole new direction.  I felt like I was on fire and nothing could stand in the way of my success, be it in health, wealth, love or happiness.   


    I’d truly love the opportunity to help you have the same life changing transformation.

    In this 4 week programme I can help you:


    1. Identify your repeated patterns of destructive or sabotaging behaviour.  These are the end results or symptoms that are caused by your limiting beliefs. 
    2. Find out what limiting beliefs are causing your destructive or sabotaging behaviours.  You can’t begin to fix something until you know what’s wrong.
    3. Get to the root cause of your limiting beliefs.  These often stem from childhood, past relationships, how you were treated or made to feel in the past or the key influences in your life.  By understanding where your limiting beliefs came from is the first step towards healing them.
    4. Learn how to completely heal and eliminate all negative limiting beliefs.  This will free up your subconscious programming and stop you repeating your past mistakes.
    5. Replace them with positive and empowering beliefs about yourself.  This will enable you to make the best decisions about your future with the confidence and certainty that everything is working out for you.


    By the end of the course you will have the positive belief in yourself necessary to succeed in whatever life goals you set for yourself.  In short, you’ll be unstoppable.  You’ll be able to love and trust more, both in yourself, your abilities and your deservedness.  You will enhance your connection to Divine Source, opening yourself up to your intuition and psychic abilities.



    This is a great course for people who have a desire to work with others or add additional skills to your current practice. 


    This program is 70% practice. Full participation is required. 


    Claim your power back, feel empowered and live the life your heart desires. 


    If you’d like to move yourself closer to being the best version of yourself, able to benefit you, the ones you love and humanity in general then click on the button bellow.